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You can look at the name “Rogue” one of two ways: Rogue means “scoundrel” — someone who cannot be trusted — but it also means someone (or something) different, unhindered by the rules that govern others. They’re not quite the same thing, but they’re close. Exactly how you play a Rogue is up to you.

Rogues would be the underdogs in the world of Norrath ... except that they’re too sharp to fall into that category. They aren’t strong, but they’re quick and quiet and have a talent for the unexpected. Where a Warrior breaks down a door, a Rogue scales the wall or pries open a window. When a Paladin flourishes a sword and cries defiance at his enemies, a Rogue silently creeps up behind and slips a thin blade past the ribs and into the heart. Both are effective, but one is much more appropriate to the smaller character who can’t bench press a packhorse.

Now, while you can play the Rogue as any type of personality you choose, be aware that the skills a Rogue accumulates as he or she lives and learns tend to be of a certain ... to put it politely ... practicality. A Rogue is part acrobat, part assassin, part thief and a whole lot of swashbuckler. A Rogue can swagger and strut, and then disappear into the shadows. The sheer flexibility of the class makes it a lot of fun for the moderately experienced player. First-time players may be frustrated by the lack of muscle or fireworks, since the Rogue is not ideal for a straightforward lifestyle.

In a party, the Rogue truly shines. She requires the assistance of other characters to realize her true combat potential, which is formidable.

In a group setting, no other melee class has the chance to deal as much damage in a given period of time, and with the support of a more traditional tank, they are able to avoid taking too much damage. They make excellent scouts, being inconspicuous enough to see without being seen. This same ability allows them to become quite adept at corpse recovery as well — they’re often able to retrieve fallen comrades from the very feet of monsters.

Unlocking doors is also a forte of the Rogue class, and there will be many places you will adventure that require a Rogue to enter (and exit!). Just remember, although you have the ability to steal from creatures, when in a group this decreases the loot the party receives, and can make you quite unpopular if you abuse this ability.

by John “Kendrick” Capozzi”

Creation Guide

It is important to make good decisions on Race, Starting Stats, and Religion. These things combined will allow you to create the Rogue that makes you most happy.

Choosing Race

Choosing a race for any class can be a difficult decision--do not choose a race based on abilities alone. Choose the Race that provides you with the right mix of racial benefits, religion, cultural armor sets, and statistics that benefit your class.

Wood Elves, Dark Elves and Gnomes all have low strength however which is a large hindrance to to the overall damage output of the class. Barbarians and Dwarves on the other hand have quite high strength which is a definite bonus.

Halflings level slightly faster than the other rogue races, whilst Barbarians level slightly slower. Barbarians do however get the ability to slam their enemies both interrupting casting and giving a short stun. They can also wear both large and medium armour, and use the large race throwing weapons.

Barbarians and Humans are the only races with no night vision, however you can find items in the game which will remove this deficiency. You should also note that Dark Elves are generally hated through most cities of Norrath.

Starting Statistics

It is important to note that each race has slightly different starting statistics. For Rogues, your STA is important for a larger number of hit points, and STR contributes to your ability to deal damage.

Barbarian 103 80 92 95 60 70 55 30
Dark Elf 60 85 100 65 99 83 60 30
Dwarf 90 100 80 90 60 83 45 30
Gnome 60 95 95 70 98 67 60 30
Half-Elf 70 95 100 70 75 60 75 30
Halfling 70 100 105 75 67 80 50 30
Human 75 85 85 75 75 75 75 30
Wood Elf 65 90 106 65 75 80 75 30

Each race gets 30 bonus points to apply to the base stats of their choosing.


Generally speaking being Agnostic is a fairly safe bet in Everquest. Religion serves only to get you into trouble in many situations. The disadvantage to doing this is that some items, such as deity-specific Cultural armor sets, and some quests can only be done by followers of certain religions. Following a religion will at worst get you killed in some areas, but generally you can avoid these. Following Innoruuk is probably the most dangerous religion as they have the most places in the game where they are Kill on Sight. In the end it will not make an enormous difference to your character which Deity you choose.


Combat Skills

Skill Level Train Cap
1H Blunt 1 N 200
1H Slash 1 N 200
Piercing 1 N 210
Throwing 1 N 220
Defense 1 N 200
Hand to Hand 1 N 100
Offense 1 N 210
Archery 1 N 200
Dodge 4 Y 150
Backstab 10 Y 200
Parry 12 Y 200
Dual Wield 13 Y 210
Double Attack 16 Y 200
Instill Doubt 22 Y 200
Disarm 27 Y 200
Riposte 30 Y 200

Thieving Skills

Skill Level Trained Cap
Sneak 1 Y 200
Hide 3 Y 200
Pick Lock 6 Y 200
Pick Pocket 7 Y 200
Sense Traps 10 Y 200
Safe Fall 12 Y 94
Apply Poison 18 Y 200
Make Poison 20 Y 200
Disarm Traps 21 Y 200

Miscellaneous Skills

Like all classes, Rogues can raise the following skills:

Level Trained Skill Cap
1 No Alcohol Tolerance 200
1 No Beg 200
1 No Fishing 200
1 No Sense Heading 200
1 No Swimming 200

Rogue-Specific Quests

Description Needed.


1H Blunt Item

1H Slashing Item

Arms Equipment

Back Equipment

Chest Equipment

Ears Equipment

Face Equipment

Feet Equipment

Fingers Equipment

Hands Equipment

Head Equipment

Legs Equipment

Neck Equipment

Piercing Items

Primary Equipment

Range Equipment

Secondary Equipment

Shield Item

Shoulders Equipment

Waist Equipment

Wrists Equipment


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