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This is a rough guideline of releases and patch notes from EverQuest Live (EQLive). Here at the FVProject, we will adhere to a roughly classic timeline as much as possible.

See Classic Irregularities for a list of things on FVProject which do not match the classic timeline.

Everquest Timeline

A table of EverQuest Live's Classic Progression and the FVProject's development.

Live Date FVProject Trigger Event
Mar-Apr 1999 Launch EverQuest is Released
Apr 1999 After first Phinny and Naggy kill Plane of Hate & Plane of Fear
Oct 1999 Temple of Solusek Ro
Jan 2000 After first Vox kill Plane of Sky
Feb 2000 Alchemy Patch and Paineel
Apr 2000 Kerra Isle & Splitpaw revamps
Apr 2000 Once all Plane of Hate, Plane of Fear, & Plane of Sky mobs have been killed Ruins of Kunark
Jun 2000 The Hole
Jun 2000 Once Talendor, Faydedar, Severilous, Gorenaire have all been killed Veeshan's Peak
Sep 2000 Epic Quests
Dec 2000 Scars of Velious
Mar 2001 [1] [2] Plane of Hate & Plane of Fear revamps; The Warrens, Venril Sathirs remains & An Undead Bard (Trakanon)
Apr 2001 Velious Racial Helms, Food & Drink Durations, Monk Weight allowance revamp; Cannibalize IV
Early May 2001 Velketor's Labyrinth revamp, Faction (ally) revamp
Late May 2001 [3] RunnyEye revamp
Jun 2001 [4][5][6] Karana/Bloodsaber Plague Event
Jun 2001 [7][8][9] Siren's Grotto revamp, Befallen revamp (Lanys T`Vyl Drow infestation event)
Aug 2001 Stonebrunt Mountains
Oct 2001 [10][11] Chardok revamp, magic system changes [12], melee changes [13]
Dec 2001 Shadows of Luclin expansion
Feb 2002 [14] Accursed Temple of Cazic Thule revamp
Mar 2002 [15] At Launch Halfling Rangers and Paladins; Gnome ShadowKnights and Paladins
Jul 2002 [16] Jaggedpine Forest
Oct 2002 Skyshrine revamp
Oct 21 2002 The Planes of Power
Jan 21 2003 Newbie Armor Quests
Feb 24 2003 The Legacy of Ykesha
Sep 9 2003 Lost Dungeons of Norrath
Feb 19 2004 Gates of Discord
Sep 14 2004 Omens of War
Feb 15 2005 Dragons of Norrath