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Barbarians, Ogres, and Trolls can use this racial ability to stun the enemy, which interrupts spell casting. It is functionally identical to Bash but does not require the user to wield a shield.

Slam shares the same cooldown as Bash, Kick and Backstab. Calculations for the Slam ability use the character's value of their Bash skill if it is trained, and using Slam will raise their Bash skill accordingly. For classes that do not receive Bash, Slam will only inflict 1 point of damage and will never improve.

To deal damage to mobs that require MAGIC weapons to harm, you will need a MAGIC item in your shoulders slot equipped.

Players of the above races who use an illusion will lose the ability to Slam (even though the button may remain visible, it won't function.) Illusions which transform the player into one of the three races above will not grant them the ability to slam.

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