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The Dwarves built the town of Kaladim in the midst of one of their works in progress, the mines beneath Butcherblock Mountains. Like all underground cities, this one is very defensible — a single entrance leads from the mountains into South Kaladim--a huge carved statue of a dwarf marks the entrance to their city.. The city is designed in a loop, and the entrance tunnel soon branches to the east and west, with each branch taking you through the shops and guilds of the town into North Kaladim.

Kaladim is the city of the Dwarves, and industry is the trademark of those within. Great mines lie deep within the city, and gems and minerals are well used by these great artisans. Taller races beware, for this town was built for the race of Dwarves. Barbarians may be welcome, but the folk of the town are not about to start making taller buildings to convenience the likes of them.

a view of the huge dwarf statue at the entrance to Kaladim
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Adjacent Zones: Butcherblock Mountains, North Kaladim
Name in /who: kaladima


Map kaladima.jpg
  • 1. Tanned Assets (leather armor)
  • 2. Irontoe's Eats (food and drink merchants)
  • 3. Staff and Spear (Merchants with weapons and fletching supplies)
  • 4. Redfist's Metal (Merchants selling shields and weapons)
  • 5. The Arena
  • 6. Pub Kal (Merchants selling alcohol)
  • 7. Warrior's guild and merchants with weapons
  • 8. Priest of Discord
  • 9. Merchant selling potions
  • 10. Merchant selling bags
  • 11. Gurtha's Wares (pottery supplies and armor)
  • 12. Kaladim Castle

Safe/Evac Spot

Succor point : X (-2) Y (-18) Z (3)


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Traveling To and From

South Kaladim lies in the Northern region of the Butcherblock Mountains.

Garden Variety's Glorious Adventures and Travel Guide

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Forageable Items


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