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In recognition of many holidays around the world, special bonuses can be enjoyed by players on the server.

Please get in touch on Discord if you would like to make an addition to this list.

Event Date In-Game Observance 2021 Start Date 2021 End Date
New Year 1 JAN Level new players with increased HP and MP regen 1 JAN 17 JAN
Happy Birthday FV Project! 1 FEB Have some birthday cake a soda pop on us--it's our birthday! 27 JAN 1 FEB
Groundhog's Day 2 FEB Experience double experience 1 FEB 28 FEB
St. Patrick's Day 17 MAR Lucky double loot 10 MAR 24 MAR
Easter 22 MAR - 25 APR (floating Sunday) No corpses! No experience loss on death 02 APR 20 APR
May the Fourth 4 MAY Force power: massively increased HP and MP regen 4 MAY 8 MAY
Mother's Day 8 MAY - 14 MAY (floating Sunday) Blessings of Tunare, Mother of All - Global Loots 09 MAY 23 MAY
Memorial Day Last Monday in MAY Double experience 28 MAY 13 JUN
Father's Day 15 JUN - 21 JUN (floating Sunday) Blessings of Innoruuk, Father of Vengeance - Global Loots 19 JUN 02 JUL
Independence Day 4 JUL Independence Day Global Loot - Fireworks / Beer / BBQ 3 JUL 11 JUL
Marine Day JUL (third Monday) ZEM Boost for Water Zones (OOT, Erud's Xing, Lake Rathe) 17 JUL 26 JUL
August Rush AUG Double Experience 1 AUG 31 AUG
Mountain Day 11 AUG ZEM Boost for Mountain Zones (Rathe Mtns., Highpass) 11 AUG 25 AUG
September Fall SEP Double Loot 1 SEP 30 SEP
Oktoberfest OCT (first Sunday) Oktoberfest Global Loot - Beer / Sausages 3 OCT 17 OCT
Thanksgiving NOV (fourth Thursday) Thanksgiving - Special Quest for Endless Turkey 25 NOV 3 DEC
Christmas 25 DEC Christmas Presents 24 DEC 31 DEC