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DO NOT Replace these files if you use the FV Project Patcher on your ROF client (the patcher will do this for you).

If you would like to have old spell icons in your spell book:

1. Close your client.
2. Locate your EQ Client's uifiles directory.
3. Descend into the default directory.
4. Rename the following files:

  • spells01.tga -> spells01.NEW
  • spells02.tga -> spells02.NEW
  • spells03.tga -> spells03.NEW
  • spells04.tga -> spells04.NEW
  • spells05.tga -> spells05.NEW
  • spells06.tga -> spells06.NEW
  • spells07.tga -> spells07.NEW

5. Unzip the spell_icons.zip file.
6. Descend into the resulting Spells folder.
7. Copy the contents into your EQ Client's ../uifiles/default directory.
8. Launch your client and behold the glory of old spell gems.

Download file: spell_icons.zip

Site editors may also need to edit the version of this file. Edit file version: File:Spell icons.zip