The Erudin Palace

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Erudin is the home city of the Erudites, a sect of humans that long ago migrated from the known world to settle in an out of the way place and study the known and unknown. Now that they have returned to the world, their capital city is considered one of the finest collections of knowledge in all of Norrath.

Inside The Erudin Palace you will find the towers of the Craft Keepers, Gate Callers, and the Crimson Hands. In the basement of the palace there are shops and a bank.

A view of the great fountain in The Erudin Palace.
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Adjacent Zones: Erudin
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MAP Erudin Palace.jpg
  • 1. Arrival Teleporter Platform, directly below is the teleporter platform to Erudin
  • 2. Bank of Erudin
  • 3. Erudin CIty Office - Merchants with bags
  • 4. Sothure's Fine Gems - Merchants with gems and jewelry supplies
  • 5. Vials of Vitality - Merchants selling gems and potions
  • 6. Tower of The Crimson Hands (Wizard)
  • 7. Tower of The Gate Callers (Magician)
  • 8. Tower of the Craft Keepers (Enchanter)
  • 9. Merchant with common spells

Note: Lettered Teleporters transport to the platform with the corresponding letter

Safe/Evac Spot

Succor point : (Y) 712 (X) 808 (Z) 21


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Traveling To and From

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Garden Variety's Glorious Adventures and Travel Guide to Erudin

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Forageable Items