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It is likely that many thousands of hours have gone into the construction of The Firiona Vie Project. This is probably the most classic experience to be found that is based on the PEQ Database data. Countless hours of research into quests, npc dialogues, and era-appropriateness have resulted in completely rewriting the quest scripts for the world. This research has been documented on the Wiki so that it is available to all. The scripts themselves have been made open source for use on future worlds that have yet to be born. Easily tens of thousands of database fields have been updated to produce accurate spawns, loot drops, and zones for the Classic era.

We're not here to rush--we're here to get it right. And hopefully that will be obvious the moment you enter the world of The Firiona View Project.


  • May is upon us!
  • May the fourth: one with the force you will be. And don't forget Mother's Day and Tunare's Blessings.
  • For future events, check the Special Events page!


  • Emulate parts of the Firiona Vie experience from a Classic launch
  • Encourage fair play, community, in-game economy
  • Progress through expansions as the community is capable
  • Contribute back to the EQEmu community

World Info:

  • Almost ALL loot is droppable (exceptions for Epics, Artifacts, etc.)
  • Old loots active (Manastone, Rubicite, etc.)
  • Common Tongue starts at 1 skill if you're not human--you have to learn it
  • Pets blow up when you zone
  • Classic experience with a group bonus
  • Classic spell lists and stat caps
  • Pre-revamp Cazic Thule, RunnyEye, Rathe Mountains, Splitpaw
  • Original Highpass Hold, Freeport, Nektulos, Lavastorm, Commons
  • Open Source Quest scripts
  • Vast Wiki with active authors

For more information on known deviations from classic, see Classic Irregularities.

How to play:

Check out the Start Playing Today page to get started. See you in Norrath!