The Nektulos Forest

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The Nektulos Forest is a dense woods that exists between the East Commonlands and Lavastorm Mountains. The ancient dark elf city of Neriak is hidden within, and is protected from invaders by these woods. All the warriors knew these lands better than any interloper could ever dream of knowing them. The forest protects the entrance to the Foreign Quarter, which protected the entrance to the Neriak Commons.

The weather under the trees is mild and rarely changes. The air is stagnant and thick, festering with rotting life and the iron tinge of blood. Fog is prevalent, so one learns quickly to watch their step. There are still ruins of the old wizard spires deep in heart of the woods and ruined druid rings remain as well.

The well-guarded bridge over the river in Nektulos Forest
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Adjacent Zones: Lavastorm Mountains, Neriak - Foreign Quarter, East Commonlands
Name in /who: nektulos


Map nektulos.jpg
  • 1. Newbie Area
  • 2. Halfling Ruins
  • 3. Wizard Teleport with Undead
  • 4. Halfling Temple
  • 5. Ruined Obelisk with Shadow Men
  • 6. Deathfist Legionnaire Camp
  • 7. Obelisk with Undead
  • 8. Obelisk with Dark Elf Camp
  • 9. Deathfist Legionnaire Camp
  • 10. Halfling Stump

Safe/Evac Spot

Safe X: -259 Safe Y: -1201 Safe Z: -5


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Traveling To and From

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Garden Variety's Glorious Adventures and Travel Guide

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Forageable Items

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