The Qeynos Hills

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The Qeynos Hills is an open area found to the North of Qeynos, South of Surefall Glade, and to the West of the Plains of Karana. The hilly terrain can often hide the many bears, wolves, and gnolls that may surprise the unsuspecting adventurer. The Protectors of Pine take a special interest in the area, and patrol it for poachers. The Paladins of Life can also be found searching the area to find undead, after increasing reports were received by the Temple of Life in nearby North Qeynos.

An outpost of Qeynos Guards can be found near the ravine leading to the Western Plains of Karana, preventing unwanted guests from arriving in the city. North of the ravine can be found the foreboding entrance to Blackburrow, which is the stronghold of the Blackburrow Gnoll clan. Their scouts and guards can be found nearby.

The glacial lake found on the Western edge of The Qeynos Hills
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Adjacent Zones: Surefall Glade, Western Plains of Karana, Blackburrow, North Qeynos
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Map qeytoqrg.jpg
  • 1. The Millers' Fire
  • 2. The Haunted Ruins
  • 3. Barbarian Fishermen
  • 4. Hut which sells Blacksmithing Books, Medium Armor Molds, Sectional Molds, and other smithing Molds, Sheet Metal
  • 5. Guard Tower

Safe/Evac Spot

  • Safe X: 83
  • Safe Y: 508
  • Safe Z: 0


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Traveling To and From

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Forageable Items

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