The Rathe Mountains

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Rallos Zek, seeking to steal the knowledge and power of the Council of Rathe, led a great army with the master tactician Tallon Zek and the proven war hero Vallon Zek in the lead. Tallon and Vallon rallied the legions of children of Zek and entered the Plane of Earth. This invasion was only partly successful--though the Rathelings’ power source remained untaken, the members of the Rathe Council were captured and brought to Norrath. Warlord Murdunk, and the Generals Tallon and Vallon, executed a member of the council. Where this Rathe member fell, the Rathe Mountains were raised, bursting forth from the soil, and a cold lake was formed from the tears of the fallen gods.

After the war, the cursed Ogres began to decline. When they ventured into the mountains, they found that giants (that were once allies of the Ogre people) were attacking without provocation, and ferocious one-eyed giants now guarded the valleys and canyons of the Mountains of Rathe’s Demise.

a god-like arm, reaching towards the planes
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Adjacent Zones: The Feerrott, Lake Rathetear
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Map rathemtn.jpg
  • 1 Orc Camp
  • 2 Rune Stone
  • 3 Protected Stone Ring, surrounded by Unkempt Druids
  • 4 Gypsies with Combine Weapons, Compass, Herbs and Food
  • 5 Inn, Hut with Merchant who sells Gems nearby
  • 6 Hill with Stone Arms reaching to the sky, Bandit Camp on top
  • 7 Haunted Tower with Findlegrob
  • 8 Altar protected by named beetles (Zaza)
  • 9 Lizard Man Camp
  • 10 Temple protected by Troll Shaman and Shadow Knight
  • 11 Camp with Trolls and Ogres, selling Goods, Normal Weapons, and Leather and Small Sewing Kit and Patterns
  • 12 Altar protected by named beetles (Ankh)
  • 13 Inn
  • 14 Orc Camp
  • 15 Paladin Camp
  • 16 Gypsy Camp selling Food
  • 17 Ruined Town
  • 18 Sphinx (Ankhefenmut)
  • 19 Region filled with Hill Giants and Giant Skeletons
  • 20 Sphinx (Zazamoukh)
  • 21 Lizard Man Camp
  • 22 Lizard Man Camp
  • 23 Orc Camp
  • 24 Haunted Stone Ring
  • 25 Haunted Tower with Bindlegrob and Tindlegrob

Safe/Evac Spot

Safe X: 1831 Safe Y: 3825 Safe Z: 28


Rathe Mountains is a dangerous crossing between Lake Rathe and The Feerrott. Giants, Cyclopes, undead, lizard men, and many others make this a hunting ground for experienced parties. While there are many settlements of merchants and gypsies along the way, not many will lend a hand to help a stranger in need. There are stories of great mystical flying cat-like creatures, but recent travelers from the lands have not confirmed these.


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Traveling To and From

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Garden Variety's Glorious Adventures and Travel Guide

In the Northeast area of the zone, atop a rocky hill, are a group of paladins. Their names are curiously similar to the characters in the popular TV series Eight is Enough.

Forageable Items

Bestiarum Vocabulum