The Southern Plains of Karana

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The Southern Plains of Karana is the flatland inhabited by the most diverse types of creatures, marking the Southern extent of the vast Plains of Karana, lying just North of the Rathe Mountain range and the swamplands beyond. In the northeast, near the river, is village of centaurs whom are indifferent to all other races and offer to buy, sell, and trade with all. The Splitpaw gnolls have a large underground lair near the center of the plains. The ancient Treants roam the Eastern borders. A massive, towering structure in the South is home to the bird people known as Aviaks. The Aviaks are generally friendly to all except Ogres, but many adventurers choose to hunt them instead.

Overall, the plains offer much practice for mid-seasoned adventurers. In the southeast, a lone house surrounded by a wall houses a lonely man simply known as "the hermit" to all that have passed by his establishment. At the southern most reaches of the plains, a small passage through the granite can be found that leads to Lake Rathetear. This vast expanse of open land is a fertile hunting ground for those who like to kite and do not appreciate the confined space of dungeons.

The village of formidable Centaurs
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Adjacent Zones: Lake Rathetear, Northern Plains of Karana, Lair of the Splitpaw
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Map southkarana.jpg
  • 1. Undead Ruins with Lord Grimrot
  • 2. Treants
  • 3. Vhalen Nostrolo's Well
  • 4. Centaur Stables with Merchant selling Bowyer Supplies
  • 5. Obelisk with Zombies
  • 6. Entrance to Lair of the Splitpaw
  • 7. Hermit House
  • 8. Ruined Stone Ring
  • 9. Aviak Town with Merchant Krak Windchaser (Top of Bird House)

Safe/Evac Spot

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Garden Variety's Glorious Adventures and Travel Guide

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