The Surefall Glade

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Located inside the southeastern edge of the Jaggedpine Forest, and just outside of Qeynos Hills, the Surefall Glade is home to the human and half elf rangers and druids of Tunare. This glade is allied with Qeynos and is formerly part of its territory, although the rangers and druids enjoy self-rule, operating outside the laws and regulations that are enforced by Qeynos.

The glade itself is very beautiful, peaceful place described by a high wall of granite that separates it from the rest of the Jaggedpine Forest. Many enormous redwoods may be found here, limiting the amount of sunlight that enters the defense woodlands. A small, crystalline pond can be found in the glade, fed by a gentle waterfall pouring over a massive cliff.

Overlooking the pond, the granite cliffs contain a system of winding caves where the bears of the glade reside with the unfailing protection of the Jaggedpine Treefolk and the Protectors of the Pine. In one section of the caves, deep crystal pools of water cover the ground, having somehow seeped into the cave system from nearby Hatchling River. In most instances, the caves are extremely peaceful and quite lovely, but one must be careful not to invoke the tempers of the bears, else one finds himself not only a the mercy of the ferocious creatures, but of the Jaggedpine Treefolk as well.

The rangers and druids have put up several buildings within this cozy corner of the vast Jaggedpine Forest. Their small wooden and stonework structures do nothing to compromise the natural purity of the region. Near a crystalline pond, the rangers can be found practicing their art – archery. The druids live inside the glade’s largest redwood, having settled within an enormous gap that formed in the ancient tree centuries ago.

the guild halls on a peaceful night
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Adjacent Zones: Qeynos Hills
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  • 1. Caves filled with Bears and Mammoth
  • 2. Ranger Trainer
  • 3. Archery Range with Ranger Trainer and Merchant who sells Arrow-making Supplies
  • 4. Ranger Hall with Ranger Guild Master and Bard
  • 5. Shop with Ranger Trainer and Merchants who sell Bow-making Supplies, Bows, Throwing Weapons, Spells, Sharp Weapons, Food and Other Goods
  • 6. Merchant selling Basic Smithing Molds
  • 7. Jaggedpine Treefolk with Druid Trainer and Merchants who sell Arrow-making Supplies, Druid Weapons, Spells, Food and Other Goods
  • 8. Druid Guildmaster and Surefall Druid Teleport destination

Safe/Evac Spot

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Traveling To and From

Surefall Glade is reachable through a narrow tunnel that enters the impassable hills that mark the northern edge of Qeynos Hills. Qeynos has posted guards at that entrance, while the rangers and druids extend their patrols into the hills themselves. Travelling due north from Qeynos will bring one to the entrance to Surefall Glade.

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Protectors of the Pine

The Protectors of the Pine is the ranger’s guild of Surefall Glade. Along with the Jaggedpine Treefolk, they protect the wild bears and wolves of Surefall Glade and its surroundings. They are well respected among the Qeynos Guard and serve in the militia when needed. The leader of the Protectors of the Pine is Hager Sureshot.

Jaggedpine Treefolk

The Jaggedpine Treefolk is the druid’s guild of Surefall Glade. They are loyal to the ways of Tunare, the Mother of All. The leader of the Jaggedpine Treefolk is Te’Anara.

Poachers have been infiltrating the Jaggedpine for bearskins for many years. The wildlife of the forest is plentiful and attracts the scum. They do not realize that the stock is plentiful thanks to the efforts of the Protectors of the Pine to keep poachers out. Corun Finisc warns intruders to heed the wishes of Tunare and leave the bears of Surefall Glade undisturbed.

Forageable Items

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