The Temple of Cazic-Thule

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The Temple of Cazic-Thule is the home to lizard men who worship Cazic-Thule. There is rumor that Cazic’s presence is so great, he sent his own Avatar of Fear to oversee the training of Cazic’s greatest creation for world domination. Only experienced characters should enter this realm — and take good time to learn its mysteries — for many before have been sacrificed to the faceless god. The temple constructed by the lizard men is confusing, by design, intending to entrap those who walk on the land without the blessing of their god. It’s definitely a zone that should not be missed by those passing from Young to Mastery level.

The pyramid built in worship of Cazic-Thule housing the Avatar of Fear.
Level of Monsters: Description needed
Types of Monsters: Description needed
Notable NPC's: Description needed
Adjacent Zones: The Feerrott
Name in /who: cazicthule


Map cazicthule-main.jpg
  • 1. Avatar Pyramid
  • 2. Archon Pyramid
  • 3. "Throne Room" or "TR"
  • 4. "Courtyard" or "CY"
Map cazicthule-lower.jpg
  • 1. Avatar Pyramid
  • 2. The Ponds
  • 3. Gator Pit
Map cazicthule-courtyard.jpg
  • 1. Throne Room
  • 2. Throne Room upstairs
  • 3. Tunnel goes to second (middle) level of Avatar Pyramid
  • 4. Tunnel goes to first (top) level of Avatar Pyramid
  • 5. Water tunnel drops down to the Ponds below
  • 6. Courtyard
  • 7. To the Maze
  • 8. Water tunnel drops down to the Gator Pit below
Map cazicthule-maze.jpg
  • 1. Wizard Pyramid (port-in)

Safe/Evac Spot

Safe X: -74 Safe Y: 71 Safe Z: 4


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Traveling To and From

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Garden Variety's Glorious Adventures and Travel Guide

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Forageable Items