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A Tinkering Toolbox

Tinkering is a gnome-only trade skill. Gnomes start out with a tinkering skill of 50 and a gnome character cannot raise tinker until he reaches level 16. Tinkering can be expensive to raise, but some items are marketable to other players and can be used to fund a character's later tinkering endeavors. Combine ingredients in a Toolbox.


Item Trivial
Firewater 17
Standard Bow Cam 75
Animated Bait 26
Gnomish Compass 46
Flameless Lantern 68
Mechanized Lockpicks 62
Stalking Probe 102
Spyglass 95
Collapsible Fishing Pole 31
Gnomish Firework 21
Aqualung 148
Rebreather 175

Skillup Guide