Toxxulia Forest

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Toxxulia Forest is a dark, quiet forest that encompasses much of the island continent of Odus. It is separated into two areas by a river running roughly east to west through it, the northern half more inhabited and the southern half controlled by the kobolds and the necromancers.

The design of the Toxxulia Forest teleportation spires are later copied throughout Norrath as the moon of Luclin is explored. The armies of Paineel used these teleportation spires to transport many Kerrans to the moon of Luclin, where they were forced to resettle.

A view of the great spires in Toxxulia Forest.
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Adjacent Zones: Erudin, Kerra Isle
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MAP Toxxulia Forest.jpg
  • 1. Wizard Hut: Books including On Languages and Lexicon, also Throwing Daggers and Blacksmithing Books and Molds
  • 2. Bags
  • 3. Enchanter's Hut: Books, Tiny Daggers, Gems, Gold Robes, also Cooking supplies
  • 4. Magician's Hut: Books, Gems/Components, Blue Robes
  • 5. Druid Ring with NPC selling the Succor and Circle Of spells
  • 6. (Formerly or in the Future) Abandoned Necromancer's Hut
  • 7. Western Dock
  • 8. Kobold Camp
  • 9. Teleportation Circle
  • 10. Kobold Camp
  • 11. Rungupp

Safe/Evac Spot

(Y) 2295 (X) 203 (Z) -45


This island is the newbie area for the Erudites, and much of the northern half of the zone consists of creatures second level or less running around. The southern half is a little more dangerous, with the most dangerous being the fact that it's easy to get lost here and aggressive skeletons and kobolds roam the zone. It is considered unwise to venture below the bridge unless you are at least 4th level or higher.


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Traveling To and From

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Garden Variety's Glorious Adventures and Travel Guide to Toxxulia Forest

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Forageable Items