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In Game Description

Trolls are often considered a hideous and deplorable race that carries a sickening smell. This view suits the Troll as they are generally unpleasant to everyone. Trolls are an immense race, at least twice as strong as the average human. They have the ability to regenerate faster than most other races. Trolls have two primary motivators: food and power. These grotesque creatures will eat just about anything.

Additional Info

Trolls are roughly eight feet tall and correspondingly wide, with green skin and eyes of just about every color imaginable. By all accounts bathing does not figure highly in their culture, and Trolls are singularly lacking in good looks, intelligence, charming manners, and ... well, you get the idea. Male Trolls have faces that only their mothers could love, and as for female Trolls... don’t be surprised to see the male Trolls courting Barbarian women instead.

Despite their prominent noses, Trolls are at home in the smells and muck of Innothule Swamp, where their city of Grobb can be found. Composed mostly of caverns with a bit of open space, Grobb is a small city that produces few locally made trade goods, though there are enough merchants and teachers to meet the needs of the local population. The nearby city of Oggok can supply anything Grobb can’t, so long as the travelling Troll hasn’t done anything to upset the equally slow-witted Ogres. For reasons that should be obvious, the good races do not welcome Trolls.

Trolls excel at being strong and sturdy. They have natural regenerative ability, as well as the Slam combat skill. Along with this physical prowess comes physical bulk, however. If a Troll blocks your way through a tight passage, he’s probably just forgotten he takes up the whole space. A polite “Large sir, could you please step aside to allow me passage” might suffice, or if all else fails, try “Hey fatty, outta da way!” and be prepared to run out of his range very quickly.

Innothule Swamp is a fertile hunting ground for young Trolls, who navigate the murky swamp with the assistance of their night vision. Innothule also contains the entrance to Guk, a high level dungeon. Some Trolls start up lucrative fencing operations, buying and selling in Grobb on behalf of the swamp’s visitors who are not welcome there. Lucky Trolls may occasionally receive unasked-for handouts from powerful characters going in and out of Guk, but it is a bad idea to beg for money, items, or buff spells. The character you annoy with your begging just may be the one closest to you next time you /YELL for help, and might decide rescuing you is not worth his time.

- Sherry Ann Menton

Class Choices

Shadow Knight 118 75 83 114 62 60 45 20
Shaman 108 75 83 114 52 70 45 30
Warrior 118 75 88 119 52 60 40 25