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Named after a Hill Giant general responsible for much of the giants' success in resissting the Empire of Old, Warslik's Woods is a very beautiful, dark evergreen forest situated between the plains of the Overthere and the desolate Field of Bone.

When the Iksarian Empire fell, many survivors scattered across the continent hoping to keep their race from extinction and keep themselgves alive. Warslik's Woods was one of the regions the refugees took shelter in, and they remain there to this day. Many ancient outposts, constructed from the ruins of the original Iksar Empire, line the road where the Iksar refugees have camped for hundreds of years. Also, they have cleverly constructed a road running from the Overthere plains to the Field of Bone in hopes of ambushing unsuspecting travelers who traeverse thise seemingly innocent path.

The goblin outpost of Tward is similar in nature to the Iksar encampments in that it is constructed of the ruins from the Empire of Old. However, the outpost of Tward is still very much intact, thanks to the goblins' uncanny ability to preserve and maintain their structures. These goblins are extremely hostile and will attack any who come near them without bias. Their shamans are exceptionally deadly and have enhanced many of their brethren through spiritual means, making them all the more vicious.

Off the road, nestled in a far corner of the wood and isolated from the nromal traffic and affairs of the forest, lies the giant outpost of Chalp. This village, relatively small by giant standards, is surrounded by towering wooden fences. The giants of Warslik's are highly territorial and will strike any who enter their field of vision.

To the far north, a cliff overlooks an immense lake perpetually concealed in a gray veil of mist. Along this cliff, one may find a series of caverns hidden behind the dense foliage of the forest. It is rumored that among these caves resides the crypt of the famed nobleman, Dalnir.[1]

Overlooking the Giant Fort in The Warsliks Woods
Level of Monsters: 10 - 40
Types of Monsters: Decaying Skeleton, Scaled Wolf Pup, Scaled Wolf Elder, Goblin Scout, Goblin Watcher, Goblin Hextracer, Goblin Hunter, Goblin Outrider, Goblin Witchdoctor, Goblin Bonecaster, Goblin Aggressor, Goblin Skirmisher, Goblin Bloodtracer, Goblin Brawler, Goblin Battlemaster, Goblin Soothsayer, Goblin Spirit Caller, Goblin Pit Fighter, Goblin Warrior, Goblin Warlord, Iksar Footpad, Iksar Bandit, Iksar Brigand, Iksar Marauder, Iksar Manslayer, Iksar Pariah, Iksar Exile, Skulking Runtling, Skulking Bruteling, Pygmy Skulking Brute, Skulking Brute, Forest Giant Sapling, Forest Giant Greenwood, Forest Giant Evergreen
Notable NPC's: Grachnist the Destroyer, Pit Fighter Dob, Ssolet Dnaas, An Iksar Knight, Iksar Bandit Lord
Adjacent Zones: The Crypt of Dalnir, Field of Bone, Lake of Ill Omen, The Overthere, Cabilis West
Name in /who: warslikswood
ZEM Value: 1.00
Type Outdoor
Expansion The Ruins of Kunark


Map of Warsliks Woods

Warslik's Wood

  • 1. Goblin Fort with Pit Fighter Dob and Grachnist the Destroyer
  • 2. Hut with Goblins (island nw is where Ssolet Dnaas is located)
  • 3. Hut with outcast Iksar
  • 4. Hut with outcast Iksar
  • 5. Hut with Goblins - Pit Fighter Dob seen here too!
  • 6. Hut with Goblins
  • 7. Hut with Goblins
  • 8. Forest Giant Hut
  • 9. Hut with outcast Iksar and Iksar Bandit Lord who drops Bracer of Scavenging
  • 10. "Bandit Lake" - Lake surrounded by outcast Iksar
  • 11. Hut with outcast Iksar
  • 12. Forest Giant Fort
  • 13. Cabilis Outpost Ruins - Merchants selling Patch Hide Armor, Newbie Weapons, Food Items, and Survival Gear
Map of Warsliks Woods Tunnels

Warslik's Wood Tunnels

  • A. Tunnels to Dalnir LOC(3530.48, 3953.61, -100.07)
  • B. Iksar Tunnels that eventually lead to Lake of Ill Omen LOC(-2285.15, 1464.43, 120.65)

Safe/Evac Spot

-1429, -468 (Outside Cabilis gates)


Warslik's Woods are inhabited by ferocious creatures who despire most everyone. Any who traverse this dark forest are advised to do so with a quickened pace and avoid the road if possible, for the goblins and Iksar refugees along the road lie in wait for unwary travelers.[1]

The forest is dangerous because it is very easy to stumble across any of the monsters that inhabit the area, all of which are highly aggressive, every time you crest a hill or run through a few trees. Every monster on the list roams the forest freely, and every monster on the list will attack you as soon as they see you, no questions asked. This is the true danger of Warsliks Woods.

Otherwise, the area is relatively straightforward. Most of the creatures (other than the Skulking Brutes) appear in a fixed area or camp, and can be hunted with relative ease. Probably the largest problem is that the area really isn't designed for young broodlings. There isn't a "newbie" area near the entrance of the city where they can hunt weak monsters, instead the difficulty level increases rapidly the further away from the city a young Iksar gets. For this reason, although the levels listed starts at one, my recommendation is that you don't even try to hunt here until at least 5th to 6th levels, and even then pickings will be slim.


Close proximity to the Field of Bone makes Warslik's Woods an ideal place for young Iksar pupils who have graduated from the field and are looking to further their skills. The goblins and refugees alike can be a reocurring source of gold, while resident Forest Giants are rumored to hold the ancient secrets of the woods and possess many relics from eras past.[1]

This area has several good areas to hunt monsters in, despite what I've said above. First of all, every concentration of monsters has a nearby area that you are able to pull to when hunting them. For the goblins and the forest giants, you can pull them either away from their fort, or you can pull them to one of several relatively clear corners inside the fort itself. The goblins can be pulled to the southeast corner of their fort, which is also safe from patrolling goblins for a group. The Iksar around Bandit Lake can be pulled to the wall.

Otherwise, there's not much to be said for this area. It isn't open enough to be a good outdoors hunting area, and really only shines when a good group pulls one of the camps in order to hunt.

There is also a surprise in the sky at location 2715, 4411.

Traveling To and From

The city of Cabilis has a small outpost in the southeast corner of Warsliks Woods. In the northeast corner lies a narrow pass that opens up into the Field of Bone to the east. Along the western wall lies the pass to The Overthere a vast plains area rumored to hold the ancient Iksar shipyards. And somewhere, its entrance hidden, The Crypt of Dalnir is rumored to lie within the forest...

Garden Variety's Glorious Adventures and Travel Guide to Warsliks Woods

Factions in The Warsliks Woods

Noteable Camps

The Goblin Fort - located in the NE corner Loc (2883.80, -85.94) and #1 on the Map. This highly condensed fort has many goblins with various quest loot as well as rare Grachnist the Destroyer

The Giant Fort - located at #12 on the Map near the river and entrance to Cabilis.

Forageable Items

Zone Item Edible Stack Lore Magic Nodrop Comment
All Fruit Y Y N N N can be used in brewing and baking
All Berries Y Y N N N can be used in brewing and baking
All Vegetables Y Y N N N can be used in brewing and baking
All Rabbit Meat Y Y N N N can be used in baking to make a stew
All Roots Y Y N N N can be used in brewing
All Pod of Water Y Y N N N can be used in brewing to make normal flasks of water
All Fishing Grubs N Y N N N Used w/ Fishing Skill
Warsliks Woods Bixie Berry Pie Y Y N N N Iksar Warrior Quest
Warsliks Woods Kromdul Carrot Y Y N N N  
Warsliks Woods Oak Bark N Y N N N can be used in brewing for Wood Elf Cultural Tailoring
Warsliks Woods Petrified Redwood N N N N N Iksar Monk/Warrior Quest
Warsliks Woods Sop Bark N N N N N  


There are a total of 50 known NPC's in The Warsliks Woods:


Found 2 items that drop in The Warsliks Woods:


Found 2 quests that start in The Warsliks Woods.


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