Wood Elf

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Wood Elf

In Game Description

The Wood Elves, or Fier'Dal are more accepting of others than their cousins, the High Elves. Like their Elven cousins, Wood Elves only reach about five feet in height and have very attractive and subtle features. Their skins are tinged and oaken in nature so that they blend with their natural surroundings in the forests.

Wood Elves generally regard those who respect nature as friends, especially rangers and druids. The Wood Elves believe in co-existing with their natural surroundings as opposed to shaping them. This leads most of their kind to worship Tunare, the Mother of All. The Fier'Dal harness the powers of song and the living, breathing properties of their environment. Wood Elves are known for their love of celebration and good food. A good song will also tweak their pointed ears.

Wood Elves get along well with most good and neutral races, and merely dislike most evil races. They hold great malice towards the Dark Elves--an aberration of their ancestors--as well as their allies.

Additional Info

The quick and agile Wood Elves may not win any prizes when it comes to strength or toughness, but they are at home in the wild. Wood Elves make wonderful Bards, Warriors, Druids and Rangers. However, their lives are not easy. They are at constant war with the Crushbone Orcs, and though Crushbone is under constant siege, it seems the Orcs are becoming much smarter, and have made plans to cut down the trees that support the Wood Elves’ city, Kelethin.

If so, this would be the second time for the Wood Elves to lose their home. The first came when the fire god Solusek Ro grew angry with the Elves and turned their forest into the Desert of Ro. The Wood Elves fled that place, along with the High Elves, leaving a city of their dead behind. The Wood Elf City is located high within the treetops of Greater Faydark. The only way onto the city, and the only safe way off, are by mechanical lifts that they’ve constructed. The city itself is made of platforms connected by wooden ramps and bridges.

The faster an adventuring Wood Elf learns his way around home, the easier his life will be. The place is very confusing, and the way it is built makes maps of the place all but useless. This is no doubt their way of keeping safe from their enemies. Anyone attacking Kelethin would have a very difficult time of it, though the Crushbone Orcs may have found the way to do it, if only they can survive long enough to accomplish the task. The Wood Elves do not seems as regal as the High Elves, and certainly are not as arrogant nor dignified. Many Wood Elves have even had children with Humans – something the High Elves would never do, feeling that to mix their blood would dishonor their mother, Tunare.

Wood Elves are one of the more Agile and Dexterous races, which provides an excellent basis in several classes. Although they have only a few classes to choose from, they fill those roles well.

- Jason Mash “Shyden ClawStinger”

Class Choices

Bard 70 90 95 65 75 80 85 25
Druid 65 80 95 75 75 90 75 30
Ranger 70 80 105 75 75 85 75 20
Rogue 65 90 105 65 75 80 75 30
Warrior 75 80 100 75 75 80 75 25