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Ak'Anon, home of the gnomes, is a maze of tunnels beneath the Steamfont Mountains on the continent of Faydwer. The entrance is dug into the face of one of the mountains and is guarded by warriors of both clockwork and mortal build. Dark and grand with carvings and jewels, the city is filled with the strange machinery of gnomes, and powered by cold water.

Inside the Ak'Anon Zoo.
Level of Monsters: 1-50+
Types of Monsters: Gnomes, Clockwork Gnomes, Clockwork Spiders, Clockwork Rats
Notable NPC's: King Ak-Anon,
Adjacent Zones: Steamfont Mountains
Name in /who: akanon


Map akanon.png
  • 1. Evil Warrior Guild Master
  • 2. Necromancer and Evil Cleric Guild Masters
  • 3. Evil Rogue Guild Master
  • 4. Merchant selling Tinkering supplies
  • 5. Bank of Ak'Anon, Jewelcrafting merchants selling gems
  • 6. Jewelcrafting merchants selling precious metals
  • 7. Weapons Merchant
  • 8. Merchants selling general supplies, weapons, and shields
  • 9. Ak'Anon Zoo
  • 10. Merchant selling blunt weapons and a Forge
  • 11. Merchants selling bags, boxes, and supplies
  • 12. Merchant selling Fletching supplies
  • 13. Merchants selling alcohol and brewing supplies, Brew Barrel
  • 14. Abbey of Deep Musing: Good Cleric Guild Masters, Good Rogue Guild Masters, Merchants
  • 15. Merchant Selling Shoes
  • 16. Library Mechanamagica: Enchanter, Magician and Wizard Guild Masters, caster Merchants
  • 17. Merchant selling cloth, and leather armor, as well as Tailoring supplies
  • 18. Merchants selling supplies, Fishing supplies, crystals and potions
  • 19. Good Warrior Guild Master, warrior Merchants
  • 20. Ak'Anon Palace with King Ak-Anon. Oven, Pottery Wheel, and Kiln.
  • 21. Merchant selling Fishing supplies, Merchant selling cloth armor and Tailoring supplies. Loom.
  • 22. Priest of Discord, Merchant with general supplies, Soulbinder
  • 23. Zone to Steamfont Mountains (steamfont)

Safe/Evac Spot

Succor point (XYZ): -35, 47, 4 (near Steamfont Mountains zone line)


None in particular.

Garden Variety's Glorious Adventures and Travel Guide to Ak'Anon

Ak'Anon is a city of contradiction. Good and evil, abandon and care, whimsy and concentration - all these live alongside one another here. King Ak'Anon rules over the spendor and keeps the city from spinning off its axle.

The ticking and whirling of machines great and small punctuate the lives of the gnome residents of Ak'Anon. Clockwork guides direct visitors, around the city, and there is much to see. Merchants are plentiful, selling both standard everyday items and bizarre gnomish machinations. The Ak'Anon zoo is famed world-wide for its collection of natural and unnatural creatures. The Library Mechanamagica feeds a hunger for knowledge that lures even the Erudites here to learn more. What many visitors do not see is an enclave of evil necromancer and shadow knight gnomes in a corner of the city, who welcome with a kiss of decay and pestilence all those who would greet Bertoxxulous.

Built in a valley in the Steamfont Mountains, city engineers have constructed huge windmills to power various city machines. A narrow chasm to the Lesser Faydark wood is the main point of entry, but rumors of a hidden dock and tunnel below the city would explain how so many wonders came to be so far away from the rest of the civilized world.
  • Library Mechanamagica (enchanter, magician, wizard)
  • Mines of Malfunction (evil cleric, necromancer, rogue, shadow knight, evil warrior)
  • Gemchopper Hall (warrior)

  • Abbey of Deep Musing (Brell Serilis)

Traveling To and From

Ak'Anon can be reached by travelling through the Steamfont Mountains. Gnome machinery is nearby, perhaps to guard the city.

Forageable Items


Lore from EQ

Of the gnomes and the Empire of Felwithe

Ever the since the first days of the elven rebellion, it had been decided by the emperor of Felwithe that the gnomes would be a free race allied with the elven empire and able to live on elven lands, much unlike the almost slave-like persecution the little tinkers suffered under the rule of the dark elves. The gnomes had been granted lands surrounding the fertile Elizerain Lake and there existed for a century or more in peace with their elven neighbours. However, being on elven lands also meant the gnomes would have to follow elvish customs, and increasingly the gnomes began to feel out of place.

The gnomes were builders, not artists, and they could not sing or dance or play musical instruments. Elves prided themselves on their use of the bow and their long, graceful blades but gnomish arms couldn't support the lengthy elven weaponry. And while the elven language was meant to be spoken in long, descriptive, and fluid verse, the gnomes were always prone to speak in jittery and incredibly fast sentences. Slowly, a general consensus began to form among the gnomes that someday a separate gnomish kingdom would have to be formed. The gnome most responsible to bring about this change was named Biddyn.

Biddyn was born the fourth son to a poor farmer on the east of the Elizerain Lake, the gnomish territories closest to the heart of the empire. Almost immediately he recognized how much he, and even his brothers and father, hated farm work. The most joyous times in his life, as he later wrote, were the monthly festivals the gnomes held where they would gather and build all manner of fascinating machines. This, he thought, is what gnomes should be doing and he bestowed upon himself the responsibility to make sure this came to pass. Studying elven mannerisms and rhetoric on his market voyages to Felwithe with his father, Biddyn soon became a speaker the likes of which no gnome has ever equalled. His very charisma charmed everyone around him into the idea of a separate gnomish kingdom, and he soon was ready to bring his demands before the emperor. The emperor at this time was none other then Carandril, past lord of Kelethin, who had appointed the warrior Edril as his first soldier long ago and also as the head of the imperial army. Edril had served loyally and skillfully as Carandril's guard for more then a hundred years, the warrior elf being only a little more then middle-aged for his race.

Charmed by his determination and skillful speaking, Edril supported Biddyn for a separate gnomish kingdom. Even the emperor was attracted to the proposition, as a new allied kingdom would open new opportunities for trade while the gnomish loss would not be a big drain on the imperial economy. After only six days of deliberation, Carandril granted Biddyn's request and plans were immediately formed for the creation of a new gnomish homeland. The emperor severed the southern part of his empire, mostly unused and barren fields beyond the Steamfont Mountains, and gave it to the gnomes. The land was renamed "Ak'anon" which is elven for "Gift" and ten gnomish settlers as well as five elven guards were prepared to make a journey into Akanon and chart the lands.