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In Game Description

The hardy race of Barbarians, or Northmen use their wisdom and formidable brawn to defend honor and justice. Their magnificent stature is a sight to behold; even more so when it is unleashed in battle. Barbarians are one of the tallest races to walk the lands of Norrath.

As a tribal culture, Barbarians are a little rough around the edges when it comes to interactions with other races. Even the Barbarians' mannerisms and features have a rugged quality.

The Barbarians consider themselves superior to other inhabitants of Norrath, particularly the Teir'Dal and Erudites, which are viewed as pathetically weak. Barbarians have a special place in their hearts for the Dwarves of Kaladim whom they view as steadfast and brave. The high quality of Dwarven mead may also have some influence on the cordial relationship between the two races. Ogres, Trolls, Dark Elves, and the other evil races are hated, as they directly oppose the Barbarian's sense of justice

Barbarians are a race of large men and women found in the northern lands of Norrath, supposedly direct descendants of the God of Valor and the Goddess of Love. Their breeding and the unforgiving environment in which they live give them abilities beyond those of many of the "softer" peoples of the southern lands. They are a tough, hardy people who have carved a home from the frozen wastelands and harsh mountains. Referring to themselves as "Northmen," the barbarians are remarkably tolerant of the more cultured, or "weak" races. They have reputations for being quick to anger and violence, which is not entirely undeserved. They are also often sought out as expert guards and mercenaries.

Additional Info

The mighty Wolves of the North, followers of The Tribunal, fierce Warriors, wise Shamans and crafty Rogues — these inhabitants of the icy plains of Everfrost are some of the most formidable on Norrath.

Halas is the Barbarians’ home city. It lies in the cold and desolate wastelands of the far north. It is dangerous to those for whom the Barbarians have no love, and these fierce beings have little tolerance towards most other races. Those who worship an evil god such as Cazic Thule or Innoruuk should be especially wary, for the Wolves will attack such worshippers as soon as they recognize their allegiance.

They are an isolationist people, though they do associate with their Human cousins, and will tolerate the snobbish Erudites. Their homeland contains the caverns of Permafrost, where many adventure but few return. Some say a great and terrible creature dwells in that place, but few have lived to tell about it.

Most Barbarians choose to be Warriors. Their large stature allows them to bash opponents, and the sight of blood fills them with glee. Their strength is formidable, but they do suffer from the same vision limitations as their Human cousins.

Some Barbarians choose to dabble in the natural magics of Shamanism. The Tribunal grants them great power and knowledge of herb lore. Their skills in Alchemy are sought after in the community, and across Norrath.

The few Barbarians who desire stealth are Rogues. Only a fool believes these large beings are awkward and clumsy. They are crafty, and can use their deceptive appearance to their advantage.

- Ester Ann Sauter

Class Choices

Rogue 103 80 92 95 60 70 55
Shaman 103 70 82 100 60 80 60
Warrior 113 70 87 105 60 70 55

Role Playing Information


Barbarians tend to enjoy simple pleasures such as eating, drinking and fighting. They're a practical folks, and don't have much patience for philosophy or theoretical studies. Indeed, barbarians tend to avoid anything other than hunting, fighting, and working, or perhaps talking about those activities over an ale. Although they are capable of swimming in the freezing waters of their homeland, many avoid bathing.

In general, barbarians tend more towards good than evil, and most value the fair treatment of everyone. However, they tend to be unforgiving of those who take advantage of their evenhandedness. Barbarians all respect courage and daring; being though a coward is far worse in a barbarian's mind than any other fate.


As a result of their disdain of flashy spells over direct personal combat, barbarians don't become enchanters, magicians, wizards, or similar spellcasters. A few barbarians do follow the path of the shaman, communing with gods and spirits for the greater glory of the tribe. The vast majority of barbarians are warriors, though they can also become particularly hearty rogues.


Barbarians are a large, powerfully built race, generally standing nearly 7 feet tall and weighing approximately 215 pounds on average, although exceptional specimens approach 8 feet in height and weigh well over 300 pounds. Barbarians tend to be fair skinned, and freckles are a common feature. Their hair runs the gamut from auburn to deep red or brown to blond. Eye color varies greatly, though blue and green are most common. The occasional barbarian will have black hair or dark brown eyes, though these features are often taken as a sign of more intermingled southern blood somewhere in their ancestry.

It is very common for barbarians to gain scars throughout their life, and many take great pride in their scars' appearance. Some tribes even practice ritual scarification, marking themselves during ceremonies of adulthood. Face paint is also common among barbarians, who often use red or blue markings on their faces that can indicate great deeds or tribal allegiances, but that are just as often purely aesthetic.

Their clothing reflects the environment in which they live, and hence consists mainly of thick fur and hide that not only keeps them warm in their arctic home, but also provides protection against inevitable conflict with other hungry denizens of the region. The clothing is often skillfully tailored and can even be decoratively lined with fur of mink or other exotic animals, so it is not entirely utilitarian.