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Information on EverQuest Clients

The Titanium client represents the most "Classic" experience you will find on almost any emulated server, including Project 1999. If you would like to use an era-appropriate client, The Al'Kabor Project utilizes a 2002-era client. However, as of this writing, TAKP has only released content through Shadows of Luclin--once they release through Planes of Power, the client will be appropriate to the era of the content. Various efforts have been undertaken to support older clients, such as the Trinity client, by members of the EQEmu community, or the Trilogy client, by members of the EQClassic community--none of these efforts have yet to bear fruit. Besides the more obvious UI differences between clients, there are several Client Limitations to emulating expansion eras earlier than the current version.

In short, no servers, including "Classic" servers and official Daybreak "Time-Locked Progression" (TLP) servers, use an era-appropriate client at this time. It is worth noting that our fond memories of the early days of staring at a spellbook in the original client(s) are probably best left to our memories--the early clients were extremely buggy and did not offer support for modern input devices or display resolutions. The Firiona Vie Project is running on an EQEmu Codebase, so will only allow the use of clients supported by EQEmu Server: Titanium, Secrets of Faydwer, Seeds of Destruction, Underfoot, or Rain of Fear ("RoF2").

EverQuest Rain of Fear Client


The Rain of Fear client was overhauled on 10 MAY 2013 during an expansion release for the Shadows of Fear expansion. This client was offered free of charge on the Steam Store, and as such, has found ubiquitous usage in the EQEmu community. A copy of the Rain of Fear "RoF2" client is available here:

This client has support for the Qeynos Citizen Female model, and allows FV-style trading of NO DROP items.

If you have a copy of this client from another source, it may be missing key files, including the zone file information for West Commonlands and others, as well as only offering "new" models for wolves, skeletons and the like. While something like models can simply detract from your playing experience, missing zone files can cause crashes or zoning loops--you MUST have the appropriate zone files to use ROF2 on this server!

Please download the Patching program linked below, unzip the eqemupatcher.exe program into your ROF2 client directory, and run it to patch your client.

FV Project Patcher

It is recommended that you adjust your Spell Icons, Spell Gems, and remaining Models as described on this wiki. You also have the option of using classic Spell Effects.

It is also recommended that you set Luclin models to "FALSE" (IE turn them off) in your eqclient.ini file for a more "classic" experience.


EverQuest Titanium Edition Client


The Titanium Edition client, released on 10 January 2006, is the earliest client supported by an EQEmu server. It was released a month before the Everquest: Prophecy of Ro expansion, and about four months after the release of Everquest: Depths of Darkhallow.

This client lacks support for FV-style trading of NO DROP items--this is due to a missing opcode in the Titanium Items struct.

This client lacks support for certain models, namely Qeynos Citizens Female models, which was a bug in the original client, where the Female model was reversed with the Neuter model:

Race # 71 - Human, Plural 'Humans'

Model Codes:

Male = QCM
Female = QCN
Neutral = QCF

If you choose to use the Titanium client, you will have to live with those bugs, as it is not currently our intention to address client limitations or create an era-appropriate client.