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In Game Description

While Gnomes are knee-high to some of the taller races, they make up for it with their cleverness and skills. They are by no means a strong and sturdy race, but their edge is their dexterity and intelligence. They were the second race, after Dwarves, created by Brell Serillis.

Additional Info

Wiry and gnarled, deft in both hand and mind, Gnomes are the second race created by Brell Serilis. Short in stature, but tall in intellect, the Gnomes have built one of the most unique cities in all of Norrath. Their natural proclivity for all things mechanical has lead them to create a society which depends upon clockwork machines to do all of the menial work in the city. Gnomes are graced with high Intelligence, high Dexterity and high Agility, but suffer in both physical Strength and natural Wisdom. Their gnarled appearance also leaves them a little short in the natural Charisma department.

The Intelligence of Gnomes tends to be greater than that of High Elves and is surpassed only by Erudites. As such, Gnomish magic users (Enchanters, Wizards, Magicians and Necromancers) are very powerful and highly renowned. While their Agility and Dexterity are not as high as that of Wood Elves or Halflings, Gnome Rogues are also frequently seen in Norrath. The low Strength of Gnomes makes the career of Gnome Warriors very challenging. Because of their low Wisdom, the same is true of Gnome Clerics.

Most Gnomes worship their creator, Brell Serilis, although Warriors frequently worship Rallos Zek, and likewise many a Rogue is a follower of Bristlebane. Agnostic Gnomes are frequently seen dashing about Norrath. Some Gnome Wizards adhere to the precepts of Solusek Ro. Gnomes are basically a good race, but some (especially the Necromancers) have strayed from this path. Gnome Necromancers worship only Bertoxxulous, the Plague Bringer, and thus risk shunning, if not out-right violence, from all, even the Gnomes of their home city of Ak’Anon.

All Gnomes possess a natural affinity for things mechanical, and at beginning at level 16 they can exhibit this through their skill at Tinkering. It is not uncommon to see Gnomish tinkered bait, collapsible fishing poles and Gnomish fireworks in your travels. Some tinkered objects, like Tinkered Rebreathers, which can only be made at high skill level, are highly sought by other adventurers in Norrath.

The natural inquisitiveness of Gnomes leads Gnome adventurers all over Norrath. Gnomish astronomical observatories are located in several areas of Faydwer. The Gnomish Windmills in the Steamfont Mountains are the only place to purchase metal ore in all of Faydwer. Also, the Gnome city of Ak’Anon contains one of the only two magical libraries in all of Norrath. Only the Erudites have a library rivaling its stature. Good magic users of all types travel to the Library Mechanimagica to get rare spells.

Familiarity has not bred contempt; Gnome magic-users take full advantage of this library, and its merchants, as well.

Gnomes are the smallest race in Norrath, and are often the brunt of jokes from members of other races. However, the quick intellect of Gnomes makes them more than a match for the feeble barbs of brutish, hulking members of other races. Gnomes can frequently be seen scoffing at the humorous attempts at mechanical devices provided by some of the other races.

- Sasreyna, Gnome Wizard(Tunare)

Class Choices

Cleric 65 85 85 75 98 77 60 30
Enchanter 60 85 85 70 108 67 70 30
Magician 60 85 85 80 108 67 60 30
Necromancer 60 95 85 70 108 67 60 30
Paladin 70 85 85 75 98 72 70 30
Rogue 60 95 95 70 98 67 60 30
Shadowknight 70 85 85 75 108 67 65 20
Warrior 70 85 90 80 98 67 60 25
Wizard 60 85 85 80 108 67 60 30