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In Game Description

The mixing of Elf and Human is a common tale. Many stories of romance between these two races can be heard around Norrath. As a result, Half Elves are taller than their Elven ancestors and carry some of the strength of their human bloodlines. They have slightly harsher features than Elves, but the mix still makes them pleasant to lay eyes on.

Additional Info

With the world of Norrath being such a hostile place, it’s always comforting that your home city, your community, accepts you for who you are. It is there that you can find some solace for the troubles that the world tosses upon you every day. Unless you’re a Half Elf. Half Elves are not exactly shunned by their community, but they are never completely welcome either. Born of a Human and a Wood Elf, a Half Elf will be raised in Freeport, Qeynos, Kelethin, or sometimes in the High Elven city of Felwithe. None of these towns are led by Half Elves. None of them contain a significant community of Half Elves. Even the most friendly Half Elf will be an outsider to the Humans or Elves that they live among, despite forming strong bonds with individual Humans or Elves.

Growing up as an outsider can be difficult for anyone. For many Half Elves it is this very feeling of otherness that makes them adventurers. Many become weary of life in the city. These are the Half Elves that join the ranks of the Rangers or Druids, putting their Elven blood to great use. A Half Elf will often feel the pull of nature, of Tunare, in the same way that their Wood Elven kin do. With their Elven blood comes the power to use the magic of nature. Others will become rebels among their own society, turning to thievery or war as a way of striking back. As often as not they become defenders of that very society by the time they’ve mastered their craft. A few see the need to guard what precious little love and goodness they have seen in their lives. They know that kindliness is something far too rare and take up arms and faith to defend it and join the ranks of the Paladins. Others realize that they are no more of an outsider to the Humans and the Elves than they are to the Dwarves and Gnomes. They latch onto this feeling of belonging equally to all cultures. They feel comfortable in Halas, for the odd looks that they see there are no different than the odd looks they garnered at home. These Half Elves are aggressively recruited by the Society of Antonican Bards, for they tend to be travelers and peacemakers by nature.

But the life of a Half Elf isn’t made up entirely of dealing with the negatives of their uneven blood. Half Elves are blessed with the good characteristics of both of their parents. They tend to be bulkier and stronger than Wood Elves, while retaining much of their quickness and affinity for nature. They also tend to have Elven accents to their features – slightly pointy ears and more narrow features. Half- Elves are often the most strikingly beautiful folk in all of Norrath. Perhaps this is another reason why they are so actively recruited by the Antonican Bards ...

Despite their beauty, or perhaps because of it, Half Elves are not welcome in the traditional strongholds of evil, such as Neriak, Grobb or Oggok. To the denizens of these dark places they are just another version of Elf, food for the pot or victims for the rack. A Half Elf shouldn’t expect any special treatment from a Dark Elf just because the people of Kelethin think he looks funny. And the Iksar, well, they don’t like anyone anyway.

It is the nature of a Half Elf to be a separate being, apart from their cousins. But it is that very nature that also makes them strong, wise and adventurous. They can become fast friends with those that accept them for who they are instead of seeing them only as half- breeds. By the time they pass through their childhood and their guild training they have also become resilient, resourceful and quick- witted. Don’t let a gleaming smile fool you, a Half Elf is far more than just a pretty face.

- Alan “Absor” VanCouvering

Class Choices

Bard 75 95 90 70 75 60 85 25
Druid 70 85 90 80 75 70 75 30
Paladin 80 85 90 75 75 65 85 20
Ranger 75 85 100 80 75 65 75 20
Rogue 70 95 100 70 75 60 75 30
Warrior 80 85 95 80 75 60 75 25