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In Game Description

Halflings are aptly named, as they are half the size of the average height for most of Norrath's races. They usually measure about three feet in height and are often thick around their middles. Their lack of height is not to be confused as a weakness though, if confronted or threatened, halflings are very capable.

Additional Info

If one word could explain Halflings, hospitality would be that word.

No one knows where they originally come from. They appear to be miniature half Human/half Dwarf, hence the name Half-ling. The Halflings reside in the thriving town of Rivervale, which is wedged between Kithicor woods and Misty Thicket. Many travelers from all different walks of life pass through this little town, which is well known for its trade and supplies. Travelers feel at home in Rivervale, and often come back to the only place that you can find fresh baked bixleberry pies and the best ale around.

Halflings are humble, laid-back types who enjoy life to its fullest. A typical day for a Halfing ends with him propping his hairy feet up on a stool and smoking his cob pipe after a hard day’s work on the farm. Besides being farmers, Halfings also take up other trades like fishermen, crafters and merchants. Among the more youthful residents of Rivervale, only a few Halflings, with ambitions beyond being a craftsman, farmer or tradesman, seek adventure beyond the great wall in Misty. These few take the paths of Clerics, Druids, Warriors or Rogues.

Halfings make excellent Warriors and Rogues, due to their naturally high Dexterity and Agility, followed by their innate ability to hide and sneak. Small armor (the only size they can wear) is also easy to find. Halfings have good base Wisdom, which the Druids and Clerics take advantage of. They also have been blessed with infrared vision, which allows them navigate through those dark forests at night with ease.

Their primary downfall is that they aren’t necessarily the most appealing class in Norrath when it comes to beauty. After all, if someone with hairy feet and a receding hairline, standing only waist high came into your shop, wouldn’t you be a bit apprehensive about doing business with her?

Halfings never hesitate to offer help to those in need, and get along well with other good races. They are granted access to other good- aligned cities with little or no problem. Although they appear to be harmless little beings at first, many of their enemies find themselves sadly disillusioned when they try to overpower a Halfling. Don’t ever get on a Halfing’s bad side, they pack more punch then you might expect; and always be careful where you step, especially when you’re around their jum-jum fields.

- Patrick H. Cirelli

Class Choices

Cleric 75 90 95 80 67 90 50 30
Druid 70 90 95 85 67 90 50 30
Paladin 80 90 95 80 67 85 60 20
Ranger 75 90 105 85 67 85 50 20
Rogue 70 100 105 75 67 80 50 30
Warrior 80 90 100 85 67 80 50 25