High Elf

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High Elf

In Game Description

The High Elves, also known as the Koada'Dal, are regarded as the closest relatives of the original Norrathian Elves created by Tunare, Mother of All. These noble creatures stand tall with ivory skin and gentle features. They are certainly not the most sturdy of races, but make up for that with hearth. Throughout the ages, they have stood for freedom and justice, fighting evil with powerful magic and their skills with the blade. The High Elves are known for their civilized conduct and, as such, are perceived as a race rather full of their own importance though they are quite benevolent. They expect to be treated with respect and do have an haughty pride about them. As a result, it is difficult to make friends with a High Elf. The High Elves and their cousins, the Wood Elves, are to be sought out as loyal servants. This noble race views Humans, Gnomes, and Halflings as worthy of their presence. Dwarves, Barbarians, and Erudites, however, are simply endured. The High Elves expend little effort to help them. The evil races are looked upon with contempt and will be dispatched when opportunity presents itself.

Additional Info

High elves are adept casters, and have unusually high levels of both intelligence and charisma. This makes them great enchanters, but a good choice for any class they are able to select. They have natural infravision. They also have the lowest base strength, below even Gnomes.

Class Choices

Cleric 60 70 85 75 92 130 80
Enchanter 55 70 85 65 107 95 115
Magician 55 70 85 80 127 95 80
Paladin 65 70 85 90 92 100 90
Wizard 55 70 85 80 127 95 80