Letters of Jonas Vol. 2 (text)

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Dearest Allyssa,

I was overjoyed to receive your letter, but dismayed yet again over the words your father had for me. My resolve to learn pharmacopoeial skills to make me a prestigious consultant and worthy of your hand in his eyes has only redoubled.

My education proceeds, as my host allows me to observe his treatments and preparations. Today a partyof hunters came. They were preparing for a long expedition to the Icy 
Plains. Apparently these are as frigid as they sound, as the group was dressed in warm furs, even though these same men face the frozen avenues of Halasin no more than a kilt and a pair of boots.

I was reminded of just how chill this was as I was sent out to the shops to find certain leaves and skins (cold enough to wrap myself in uncured skins). When I returned, my mentor arranged these on his benchwhere a couple of jars had been already opened. I watched with interest as heproceeded.

First he took out a small amount of bugbane and added three lucerne and a duskglow vine to create what he referred to as an"Elixir of the Beast." Apparently this brew enhances the strength of those that drink it.

By simply exchanging the lucerne with mullein, somehow it armors the drinker against disease.

Then Vox's dust and two eyebright leaves were mixedwith two grains of cententialspore. The resulting "Philter of the Serpent" was apparently to allow one to see better. Certainly hunting in these climes is always dangerous,and better vision will help.

I am sure that the skills I am learning will serve me well, and look forward eagerly to your next letter.

Your Jonas