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Neriak is a dark beautiful city carved out of the very bones of the earth, deep under the forest of Nektulos. The multileveled tunnels that make up the basic connecting structure of Neriak were originally carved by meandering underground rivers that sprang from Lake Neriuss when its levels were higher. Later, they were widened and carved into a beautiful, dark, secret city by the magic of the dark elves, named in their own language as "Teir'Dal." Everything in this city is carved from the same dark stone, but minerals give it different colors. The dark elves are ruled by King Naythox Thex and his queen, Cristanos. Though it is not commonly acknowledged, the kings of the high elves and dark elves share a common lineage, as once all elves were related.

The Common Quarter of the dark elf city of Neriak is home to the average citizens of the Teir'Dal kingdom. Residing deeper in Norrath's dark Underfoot than the surface gate of the city's Foreign Quarter, Neriak Commons is even more devoid of light; in fact there are no citizens here that would depend upon a light source to guide their vision. This quarter is home to the commoners of Teir'Dal society. It is in this section that most of the commerce of Neriak takes place. Any one who is not dark elf, ogre or troll is generally attacked on sight by the guards and most of the inhabitants.

The layout of the Common Quarter is rather intricate, featuring darkly beautiful Teir'Dal architecture. All buildings are made of the dark gray stone that this cavernous city was carved from. Rare deposits of marble and other finer stone materials found during the construction of this area of the city enabled the building of a few fine statues and fountains. Otherwise, the city seems relatively plain in comparison to the rich, lavish fineries of which the noble Teir'Dal tend to indulge. Being the social center of the Teir'Dal society, the Common Quarter houses the vast majority of the city's guildhalls.

The grand fountain in Neriak - Commons
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Adjacent Zones: Neriak - Foreign Quarter, Neriak - 3rd Gate.
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Map neriakb.jpg
  • 1. Priest of Discord
  • 2. Entrance to Neriak Down Under - found within is the Neriak Bank -- The Burnished Coin, The Refined Palate, The Bounty of the Earth, and The Blind Fish. These places sell between them: Sharpening Stones, Clay, Ore, Smithy Hammers, Weapons Blade Molds, Alcohol, Food Items and other Books, Baking Supplies, Potions and Crystals. Also has Brew Barrel and Oven.
  • 3. Smithy - Merchants selling Small Chain Armor and Various Weapons
  • 4. Adamant Armor - Merchant who sells Small Plate Armor, Forge outside
  • 5. Forge House with jewelry merchants upstairs.
  • 6. Wizard, Magician, and Enchanter Guild Hall - Merchants selling all items for those classes
  • 7. Toadstools - Merchants selling Alcohol and Small Armor Molds, Fishing Supplies outside
  • 8. The Bleek Fletcher - Merchant selling Fletching supplies (arrows)
  • 9. The House of D'abth - Merchant selling Food Items and other Goods
  • 10. The Dashing Form - Merchant selling Small Cloth Armor, Sewing Kits and Patterns
  • 11. Warrior Guild Hall with merchants who sell Weapons and Alcohol

Note: This map is missing a secret area behind the waterfall north of #1, and a Wizard Rod spawns as well.

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