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In Game Description

With their lumbering gait and enormous breadth, Ogres are an ominous presence. Created by Rallos Zek, these massive creatures are feared in battle for their raw strength and uncanny endurance. While not very intelligent, Ogres are known to cooperate with one another quite efficiently.

Additional Info

Created by the God of War, and cursed by the other gods, the life of an Ogre is inherently a difficult one. Physically the strongest of all of Norrath’s races, the Ogre is naturally a Warrior-based race. To fully understand an Ogre, you must first learn of its history upon Norrath.

When the races first appeared on Norrath, the God of War, Rallos Zek, created races that would be bred for war. Thus were born the Giants, and Goblins, later to be followed by Ogres and Orcs. Possessing high strength and the abilities of powerful magics, the army of Rallos Zek was unstoppable. Beaming with pride, Rallos Zek watched other races fall before his devastating army. Feeling far superior, he personally led his army to the planes of power to defeat the lesser gods of Norrath. Angered, the other gods rose up against Rallos Zek, permanently sealing the planes of power from mortals and lesser gods, as well as cursing his children. The giants were almost completely slaughtered, the orcs reduced to a primitive version of the race’s former self, the Ogres stricken dumb, and the fate of the goblins was so drastic that no record remains of their fate. Those that survived barely resemble their former glory.

Since this is meant for the Ogres, the fate of the other cursed races shall be left to the history books. Remember, while the Ogres are naturally Warriors, magic still courses through their blood. Scarcely the power that they once possessed, they still retain a sufficient amount to become Shamans and Shadow Knights, as well as Warriors.

Being physically stout, Ogres have an advantage over other races in that they can survive more hits and deal out more damage. Unfortunately, their large physical stature also sets them apart from other races when it comes to fitting into close quarters. Their former dominance of the other races has created an animosity amongst them that is an unwritten war. Although there aren’t formal battles waged, or borders drawn, it is common knowledge that Ogres cannot enter the cities of the good races without first proving themselves to those races. Sometimes this is at the cost of banishing themselves from their own homelands. Ogres have a good relationship with their neighboring Trolls, and a tentative relationship with Dark Elves. Ogres and Trolls are the only races that are attacked on sight by aviaks.

- Dave Harrod & Gimme Gudderarmur (ErolissiMarr)

Class Choices

Shadowknight 140 70 70 127 70 67 42 20
Shaman 130 70 70 127 60 77 42 30
Warrior 140 70 75 132 60 67 37 25