Rodcet Nife

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Rodcet Nife

The Prime Healer

Followers of Rodcet Nife take a solemn oath to fight disease and death until one or the other finally claims them. They are very generous and humble, asking little more than the recipients of aid from them pass their kindness onto another. They are not content to deal with the effects of disease and death after they occur and vigorously seek to destroy the sources of these evils. Healers and mystics are typical followers but many noble rangers and paladins also have also taken the Nife Oath. They believe that, through faith in The Prime Healer, the wounded heart of the universe shall one day be mended and death’s dark shadow will never be seen again.

Rodcet Nife is allied with Karana, Quellious, Erollisi Marr and Prexus, and his only enemy is Bertoxxulous.

Docter Nife or Docter Fine? Doctors primarily heal...