The Greater Faydark

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This forest serves as the gateway into Norrath for the wood elves of Kelethin and high elves of Felwithe. And with Ak'Anon and Kaladim so close by, it is not uncommon to see gnomes and dwarves throughout the area as well.

The orc stronghold of Crushbone can be found along the northern boundaries of the forest while the darker, more dangerous Lesser Faydark lies to the south. In ancient times, the orcs caused the sundering of the Lesser and Greater Faydark forests.

The foreboding entrance to Crushbone.
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Adjacent Zones: Northern Felwithe, Butcherblock Mountains, Lesser Faydark, Crushbone
Name in /who: gfaydark


Map gfaydark.jpg
  • 1. Orc Camps
  • 2. Abandoned Druid Ring
  • 3. Bandit Camp
  • 4. Wizard Spired
  • 5. Priest of Discord lift to Kelethin
  • 6. Newbie lift to Kelethin
  • 7. Orc lift to Kelethin
Map gfaydark-kelethin.jpg
  • 1. Abandoned Platform with Loom
  • 2. Orc lift to Kelethin; Merchants selling Food and other Goods and Pottery Sketches, Inn
  • 3. Merchants selling Elven Food Items, Food, and other Goods
  • 4. Tavern selling Alcohol, Merchant selling Plate Armor
  • 5. Merchants selling Racial Alcohol, Common Gems
  • 6. Abandoned Platform
  • 7. Tavern selling Alcohol, Merchant selling Plate Armor
  • 8.-Upper (connects to platforms 5, 6, and 7) Sparkling Glass with Merchant selling Metals and Rare Gems, Merchants selling Elven Food, Oven
  • 8.-Lower (connects to platforms 3 and 11) Pottery and Fletching Supply Merchants, Warrior Guild
  • 9. Heartwood Tavern selling Alcohol
  • 10. Hut selling Food and other Goods, connected platform has Tavern selling Alcohol
  • 11. Priest of Discord lift to Kelethin; Merchants selling Medium Armor Molds, Sheet Metal, Food and other Goods
  • 12. Bank, Merchant selling Potions and Crystals
  • 13. Platform with Rangers
  • 14.-Upper (connects to platform 13) Abandoned Platform
  • 14.-Lower (connects to platforms 11 and 15) Packwearers Goods selling Bags and Boxes, Bard Guild across bridge
  • 15. Lift, Merchants selling Food and other Goods, Large Sewing Kit, tailoring patterns and instructions
  • 16. Faydark's Champions - Ranger Guild
  • 17. Inn selling Food and other Goods, Forge, Merchant selling Potions and Crystals, Chain Mail Patterns, Weapons
  • 18. Merchant selling Leather Armor and Sewing Patterns, Merchant in hut selling Bags and Boxes
  • 19. Inn selling Food and other Goods
  • 20. Shop selling Smithing Books and Container, Weapon, and File Molds, Merchant selling Cloth Armor, Pottery Wheel and Kiln
  • 21. Soldiers of Tunare - Druid Guild, Brew Barrel, bridge connects to Bilrio's Smithy selling Sharp and Blunt Weapons
  • 22. Merchants selling Chain Mail Armor and Boots, also Fier'Dal Forge
  • 23. Scouts of Tunare - Rogue Guild, sells Throwing Weapons
  • 24. Trueshot Bows selling Fletching (arrow) Supplies, Merchants selling Fletching (bows) Supplies, Tavern selling Alcohol and Ranger Spells

Safe/Evac Spot


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Traveling To and From

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Garden Variety's Glorious Adventures and Travel Guide

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Forageable Items