The Tribunal

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The Tribunal

The Six Hammers

Followers of The Tribunal seek one thing above all else: justice. While some claim to express this desire by pursuing careers as guards or magistrates, true believers in The Tribunal do not recognize the rights of any court on Norrath and enforce the Tribunal’s sense of ultimate justice on the rest of the population. Retribution, vengeance, and punishment are sacred duties. Followers of The Tribunal are methodical, patient and just. They must be so, for it is their belief that if they punish an innocent, The Tribunal will pass judgement against them, and doom them to an eternity.

The Plane of Justice is ruled by a council of six beings known as the Tribunal. The members of the Tribunal wear dark, hooded cloaks and masks and each carries a large warhammer. The plane itself is inhabited only by beings imprisoned here by the Tribunal for crimes against the universe and by the golems the Tribunal has constructed to serve as guards. They are allied with no one, enemies with no one.