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The Wurmqueen

Non-dragon followers of Veeshan believe that dragonkind is superior to all other forms of life. They swear allegiance to the Mother Of Dragons and often sacrifice themselves or their loved ones to one of Her children. In return for this undying devotion, Veeshan is very protective and generous to her loyal followers. Many humanoids have gained great riches and ancient knowledge through servitude to the Wurms, but these gifts came with a high price…knowing that one is less than cattle to the dragons, and that they can take your messy life whenever it suits.

Veeshan is the great crystalline dragon who rules the Plane of Sky. She needs no allies but considers Brell Serilis an enemy. Veeshan is known as the Mother of All Wurms and this title includes all of dragonkind such as the drakes and wyverns. When the universe was young, Veeshan traveled throughout the cosmos depositing Her children on worlds She deemed worthy. She would then strike the planet with Her massive claws so that the other deities would know She had laid claim to that world. The continent of Velious on Norrath bears Her mark, known as the Scars of Veeshan.

Veeshan is an anagram for Heavens.